Where does Comedy Stand? (The Concordian)

An examination of jokes in today’s reactionary society http://theconcordian.com/2017/03/where-does-comedy-stand-when-it-comes-to-racial-jokes/ Recently, comedian George Lopez has come under fire for a joke he told at one of his shows on February 4th. During a bit, he joked that “There are only two rules in a Latino family; Don’t date black people and don’t park in front of... Continue Reading →


Disecting Comedians: Louis CK

Louis C.K is one of the most popular comedians right now. His meteoric rise to fame began like most comedians, in the club scene. The constant grind of performing night in and night out pushed him to constantly come up with better material. But, even he says that he wasn't always great. On fellow comedian... Continue Reading →

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